I Hate Norfolk Southern

May 21, 2018
Mr. Conner Poe A. Poe
Norfolk Southern Cororation
Re: Rail/Highway Grade Crossing Blockage/DOT #620250Y Rocky Ford, GA
Dear Mr. Poe;
Once again I’m asking you to please stop blocking our Main St. in Rocky Ford, GA. We returned to Rocky Ford after a one-year absence due to my beloved husband having a heart attack.
For the past four months, every day, I have to hold my breath and pray that the one-hour plus blockage, which prevents us from having access to an ambulance, fire truck or police, does not result in someone’s emergency need not being met.
Today your employee has added more insults by “shooting the finger” to my husband. Vulgar! Charley continues to walk my property adjacent to your tracks and pick up your trash.
I was an administrator in my career and I know that the attitude of the company starts at the top – this should be embarrassing to you.
Greta Newton


Hello world!


Dangerous Norfolk Southern Trains

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