I am a sixth-generation, born & bred, Southerner, member of the Daughters of the American Revolution on my great, great…grandfather’s commissioned officership, and continue to care for the ole’ family plantation that has been in continuous agriculture for over 200 years as well as the family cemetery.

I paid for my college education, got a degree in Long Term Health Care. Y’all have seen me on billboards, in magazines, commercials, runways and television as a professional model back in the day. Even had my own talk show.  The best of my life was spent on a ranch out West with my beloved husband and the horses. The majority of my nights have been on stage with the band singing Patsy Cline and other old, real, country songs. The last twenty years (and presenty) have been spent purchasing and restoring historical properties, writing a novel and years of newspaper columns.

For a Rural Route 1, barefooted, yard child, I am the miracle of the Grace of the Lord Jesus Christ!

May you find wisdom, love, laughter and information from this machine.

God Bless All Y’all

In the Spirit,